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A sneak peek behind your holiday at Lake Spitzingsee

Have you ever asked yourself where the name Alte Wurzhütte came from? Well, let’s travel back in time. Around 1800, Jörgl and Burgl, a couple from Tyrol in Austria, fled over the mountains to Lake Spitzingsee, where they lived their love story. They built a new future for themselves at Lake Spitzingsee by taking over an inn that had stood there since 1720 (today it’s the oldest inn in the whole area around Lake Spitzingsee!). They soon started to offer beds and warm food to woodsmen who were looking for accommodation at Lake Spitzingsee. This region became more and more popular among day trippers from Munich who wanted to enjoy a short holiday at Lake Spitzingsee. And they still do today.

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An authentic holiday at Lake Spitzingsee

Your fabulous holiday in Upper Bavaria = our mission

In 1999, owner Margot leased the Alte Wurzhütte together with her mum Elisabeth and her partner, renovated it and built it up over the years together with the whole family. Her husband Holger has always supported her with everything. In 2021, Margot bought the hut hotel with Holger, and it has been a family business ever since. Daughter Anna, together with her husband Quirin, decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps, as she has now joined the family business after training in tourism. And this family business for holidays near Lake Schliersee will continue to exist for a while yet, as little Xaver was born in summer 2023, beginning the fourth generation of the Niedermüller-Ketterl family!

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An authentic holiday at Lake Spitzingsee

Sustainability: a matter close to our hearts

The roots and traditions of our hotel date back to 300 years ago. While our look has changed over the years, our love of nature has always stayed the same. For our restaurant we mainly use products from the region, for example by Fischerei Schliersee fishery, Forstbetrieb Schliersee forestry company, Biogut Wallenburg, or Lebensraum Familie Rüth, as well as meat from Holnburger butcher and game directly from the hunters. We follow the principle: “Where I live, I buy”. Our schnapps and digestifs come from close by, as Holger distils them himself under the Bockfieber brand, just as the history of the Alte Wurzhütte says! We clean our hotel with chemical-free cleaning agents by medeco cleantec. By doing so, we want to set an example for environmental protection and give something back to nature.

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The Alte Wurzhütte took its name from a gentian schnapps that was brewed here, as the warming elixir is made with gentian roots – “Wurzel” in German.

Alte Wurzhütte
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